EMR Safety in the House

Electro-magnetic radiation can’t be seen or smelled or touched so most people don’t think much about it, but a growing number of people are becoming affected by the ever-increasing levels that we are being exposed to daily. Ill health related to electromagnetic sensitivity is on the increase for society on a global scale, and includes allergies, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, neurological disorders (such as autism), auto immune system diseases, cancers, and Alzheimer’s Disease.

AC electric fields: AC voltage in electrical installations, cables, appliances, outlets, walls, floors, beds, high-tension and other power lines

AC magnetic fields: AC current in electrical installations, cables, appliances, transformers, motors, overhead and ground cables, power lines, railways

Radio frequency radiation: cell phone technology, RF transmitters, broadcast, trunked radio systems, line-of-sight systems, radar, military, cordless phones

DC electric fields: synthetic carpeting, drapes and textiles, vinyl wallpaper, varnishes, laminates, stuffed toy animals, TV or computer screens

DC magnetic fields: components in beds, mattresses, furniture, appliances, building materials; DC current in street cars, photovoltaic systems.

Radioactivity:building materials, stones, tiles, slags, waste products, devices, antiques, ventilation, terrestrial radiation, location, environment.

Geological disturbances: currents and radioactivity in the earth; local disturbances caused by faults, fractures, underground water courses.

Sound & vibration: traffic noise, air traffic, train traffic, industry, buildings, devices, machines, motors, transformers, sound bridges.

Some Simple Cost-free Things You Can Do:

  • Forward your cellphone to your landline when you get home and then power off (Air-Plane mode) your cellphone.
  • Use corded phones, and unplug your cordless phones (from power sources) when not in use, particularly before bedtime.
  • Turn off your wireless internet router (Wi-Fi) when not in use, particularly before bedtime – and better yet hardwire your router via Ethernet cable to your computer(s) and disable your modem’s Wi-Fi signal.
  • Maintain a distance of at least six feet between your bed and all electrical devices.
  • Before bedtime, turn off the circuit breaker that serves your bedroom(s).

More ways to create a healthy home

Click on the interactive map below for more suggestions.

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